Collection of manuals for the Range Rover Classic

Updated 2020/July/20 - fixed broken manual links

RRC Workshop Manual

Entire 1992 RRC Manual This manual is good for 87 to 92 Classics. For 93 to 95 checkout the RAVE manuals.

Brakes - Section 70 of the manual


This is a 561 MB zip. It's supposed to be run on a Windows system. It won't run on my Mac. Regardless, it contains all the PDF's for the Defender, Discovery, Range Rover, RR Classic and Freelander. Just browse the directories to retrieve the manual for you Land Rover. Land Rover stopped producing RAVE Manuals in 2003. Newer data is only available through authorized repairers.


Repair and rebuild of the ZF HP22E automatic transmission. Repair Manual


Engine overhaul manual